Reliable Intelligence Identification on Vietnamese SNSs (ReINTEL)

Important dates Sep 10, 2020: Registration open Oct 15, 2020: Registration closed Oct 20, 2020: Challenge started (via CodaLab.Org) Nov 30, 2020: Final results on private test. Dec 01, 2020: Announce top 3 teams to submit technical reports. Dec 10, 2020: Deadline for top 3 teams to submit technical reports. Dec 12, 2020: If any […]

Japan passes bill to build AI-powered ‘super cities’ addressing societal issues

Japan has passed a bill to build “super cities” which address societal issues using emerging technologies such as AI. The bill, passed on Wednesday, aims to accelerate the sweeping change of regulations across various fields to support the creation of such futuristic cities. Addressing issues such as depopulation and an aging society will be the […]

UK releases guidelines to help governments accelerate ‘trusted’ AI deployments

The UK has released new guidelines during the World Economic Forum (WEF) to help governments accelerate the deployment of trusted AI solutions. AI is proving itself to be an important tool in tackling some of the biggest issues the world faces today; including coronavirus and climate change. However, some public distrust remains. “The current pandemic […]

Microsoft: The UK must increase its AI skills, or risk falling behind

A report from Microsoft warns that the UK faces an AI skills gap which may harm its global competitiveness. The research, titled AI Skills in the UK, shines a spotlight on some concerning issues. For its UK report, Microsoft used data from a global AI skills study featuring more than 12,000 people in 20 countries […]

AI dominates Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for emerging technologies

Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle has a distinct AI flavour, highlighting the technology’s importance over the next decade. Of the 30 emerging technologies featured in Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle, nine are directly related to artificial intelligence: Generative adversarial networks Adaptive machine learning Composite AI Generative AI Responsible AI AI-augmented development Embedded AI Explainable AI AI-augmented design […]

How can AI-powered humanitarian engineering tackle the biggest threats facing our planet?

Humanitarian engineering programs bring together engineers, policy makers, non-profit organisations, and local communities to leverage technology for the greater good of humanity. The intersection of technology, community, and sustainability offers a plethora of opportunities to innovate. We still live in an era where millions of people are under extreme poverty, lacking access to clean water, […]

University College London: Deepfakes are the ‘most serious’ AI crime threat

Researchers from University College London have released a ranking of what experts believe to be the most serious AI crime threats. The researchers first created a list of 20 expected ways AI will be used by criminals within the next 15 years. 31 experts were then asked to rank them by potential severity. Deepfakes – […]